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 New Players Read This.......

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New Players Read This....... Empty
PostSubject: New Players Read This.......   New Players Read This....... Icon_minitimeFri Jul 22, 2011 6:55 pm

Okay Newbies, Listen Up....

The #1 MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember when it comes to paintball is to be safe and have fun...

But personal safety has to start with you... And you have to admit, a trip to the hospital will ruin a great day of paintball...

So keep this in mind when you go out to start getting all your new gear that you've been saving up for.... Without your Eyes, it's kinda hard to see the people shooting at you...

Make sure you take your time and do your homework when it comes to getting the most important part of your safety gear... Your Mask...

A good quality mask will cost you in the price range of $80.00+... I wouldn't pay any less than around $100.00 for a mask... So Don't Skimp Out On Your Mask!!!
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New Players Read This.......
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