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 wasnt sure where 2 put this?

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el POLLO loco
el POLLO loco

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wasnt sure where 2 put this? Empty
PostSubject: wasnt sure where 2 put this?   wasnt sure where 2 put this? Icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2013 5:15 pm

well for the teammates that couldnt make the blooddiamond game, you guys missed plenty of fun but most of all the great people from our home away from home, but i would also like to let you guys know that i el Pollo loco, have won my first award since ive been playing this sport, mvp is what i won, truthly i play to have fun, but higher ups( lol! ) had felt i earned this award, and you guys that read this and ive played at your side in a game, or against, i want to thank you, because you cant ever stop learning, and i pick up on how you guys play, by action or tips given you all have help me become a better player, thank you all out there,

thats all from
el Pollo loco
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wasnt sure where 2 put this?
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